Restaurant Automation

Restaurant Automation

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  Customer Interaction  

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  Online Ordering

Online Food Ordering has completely taken over the restaurant and food business. Online ordering basically enables your customer to place their order from anywhere simply with the help of a web-enabled device.Choose TurtlEye services that automatically accepts all orders from the various Online Ordering channels, and processes their details

  Menu Layout

Menu layout is one of the most tedious aspects of restaurant operations, especially in the case of multiple restaurant outlets. Our experts provide a lucrative dislay of all the food items listed in the menu

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Database Management  

Most restaurants miss out on repeat business as they are not able to utilize their customer data. Online Ordering and asking for Customer Feedback are the most popular ways of building your customer database and are an integral part of restaurant automation systems. However, assembling this data at one place is done efficiently by us

Table Reservation  

Let your customers dine at a seat of their choice by pre-booking their table.Let your customers order their favorite food online.Accept orders from multiple Online Ordering channels directly at the android app developed by our team.Increase the ease of ordering online by saving customer details such as Order History, Favourite Orders and Address